Proof of our 50 years of experience in Japan

The very first Japanese made folding kayak designed by Dr. Kozaburo Takagi of Kyoto University in 1947. This is the origin of Fujita Canoe.

Design & Construction
Our design concept is ease of handling and assembly so everybody can enjoy paddling.
All of our hull designs have good stability and tracking ability, as well as maneuverability, from beginners and family use to the expert. Internal air sponsons provide additional stability and floatation.
We have three different series based on the frame's construction: Fiberglass-Marine wood Hybrid Frame, Aluminum Frame & Wood Frame.

Selected Materials
The country of Japan stretches from Latitude 45 North to 22 South. This broad range of field conditions requires tough specifications for the materials. We select all the materials carefully to outperform
these harsh conditions. All our wood materials are made from themarine laminate wood or Douglas Fur. High quality fiberglass tubing is made by Sheet Winding construction for maximum durability. 5154 Aluminum tubings are lightweight, durable & reasonable cost.
Our PVC coating polyester skin materials are waterproof high tensile and abrasion material. For expedition use, some models have a choice of Kevler ripstop for extra durability. Each seam is electronically welded to provide durability and water proofness

Feedback from the users
We have field testers throughout the country but the comments from our users are as important as the comments of our testers. Without the support and feedback from our users these past 50 years, our products wouldn't exsist today. Many of their ideas and comments are reflected in the improvements of the products. Thanks to our customers, we'll continue to improve.

After Service for lifetime users
We have ample parts in stock at any time. We also have all the parts for discontinued models to support
lifetime users of our products. Please just let us know what you need. We can repair any damaged kayaks. Please send us the picture for a quotation. We can also accommodate most custom fittings and parts.

If you have any questions or comments on our products, please contact us at

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