Thank you for purchasing our product. We offer the following services to all
the owners of our products.
1: Serial Number Registration

Each of our products is carefully handcrafted at our factory in Kyoto. Our serial number plate is proof of our craftmanship. We encourage you to register your kayak in order to receive
prompt service. Please click here to register your kayak.
PE-Series serial number plate is located on the bow keel board. AL-Series serial number is on the yellow caution plate.

Al-series serial number
2: Assembly Instruction

Our dealer will show you how to assemble your kayak at the time of purchase. If you can't pick up your kayak at the dealer, please make sure you have the assembly manual.

3: On Line Assembly Manual
One Line Assembly Manuals are not available yet, please contact us for details.
PE-1-370 SWIFT
PE-1-430 TREK


4: Maintenance & Care
In order to keep your kayak in good condition for a long time, please dry it completely and store it properly.
Tears & Small Holes
Duct tape will fix the problem temporarily . Then use your repair kit.
Broken Parts
Please contact us and let us know what you need.
Mildew on the skin
Wash off with soap and dry it completely.

5: Repairing

We have all the parts at our factory. Please click here for the parts list.

Please contact us for further information on repairing your kayak.

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