Carrying bag comes with all the wood frame series. KG will fit in one bag and QG will fit in two
bags. QG EX will come with one EX bag.

Wood Frame Series

Wood Series recreational kayaks are our long time selling model since 1988. High stability, ease
of assembly, and wood feeling are great features for recreational paddlers.

Marine Plywood & Douglas Fir : Cross ribs, keel boards & floor boards are made from high
grade marine plywood with three coats of varnish for extra waterproofness. Gunwales are made
from Douglas Fir for waterproofness and flexibility.

Skin Materials: Deck & hull are made from highly durable UV resistant PVC coated
polyester. Hull has heavier coating for extra durability. Expedition hull materials have Kevler
ripstop core for extra strength. All hulls are electronically welded for durable waterproof
performance with wear point reinforcement along the keel.

Quick & Easy to Assemble: . Bow & Stern two parts construction
with Center tension system make easy, quick assembly.

Recreational model: Easy to assemble highly stable single recreational kayak for medium and smaller paddlers.
Recreational model: Easy to assemble, super stable recreational tandem kayak; easily converts to single use as well.

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