Hybrid Frame Series

Fiberglass Poles: Our Hybrid Frame series are made from marine plywood & hi quality fiberglass poles. Each fiberglass poles are made by Sheet winding composit construction. They're not only durable and flexible, but also non corrosive and stable for temperature. Fiberglass is the ideal material for the folding boats. We're the only folding kayak manufacturer using this hi-tech hybrid frame construction.

Marine Plywood: Cross ribs, keel boards & floor boards are made from the high grade hi durable marine plywood with three coat of varnish for extra waterproofness.

Skin Materials: Deck & hull are made from hi durable UV resistant PVC coated polyester. Hull has havier coating for extra durability. Expedition hull materials have Kevler ripstop core for extra strength. All hulls are electronically welded for durable waterproof performance with wear point reinforcement along the keel.

Easy to Assemble:Most of the fiberglass poles are shockcorded and cross ribs are also connected to the poles. Bow & Stern two parts construction with unique tention system make easy quick assembly.

Sheet winding composit construction

Apply heat react resin to the fibergrass cloth and place it over to the mold in the computarized oven.
Fujita's long time experience made the fiberglass poles ideal for the kayak construction.


PE-1-370 Swift
Recreational model: A lightweight, hi volume , hi
stable single kayak for medium and larger paddlers.

PE-1-375 Superior
Light Touring model: Short version of 400.
Ligfhtweight , responsive kayak for small sized paddlers.
PE-1-400 Superior
Touring model: Lightweight, responsive and fun to
paddle single for small to mid-sized paddlers
PE-1-430 Trek
Light Touring model: A lightweight, stable, hi volume
single kayak for medium and larger paddlers.
PE-1-480 Superior
Touring model: Elegant lines, great speed and tracking
- an excellent touring kayak for mid sized and smaller
PE-1-500 Seashore
Touring model: Our longest, highest capacity single for
medium and larger paddlers. Excellent speed and tracking.
PE-2-470 Noah
Light Touring model: Hi stable, solo-tandem hi
versatility tandem model.
PE-2-500 Noah
Touring model:Longer versin of 470Noah. Higer
loading capacity, tracking &stability is ideal for longer

Fujita 500 EX Review By Sea Kayaker, February 2002

The 500EX appears to have "excellent construction and materials" (MH). "The tubes fit into their sockets with no problems. Nothing had to be forced. The squeeze pump for inflating the sponsons works nicely" (GL). The boat has "an appealing profile. The sponsons give the boat a bit of a paunchy look from the side. They are hardly noticeable while aboard the boat.............. Read more
Fujita 480 EX Review By Ralph Diaz, Folding Kayaker Newsletter Spring 2002

Japan has been producing folding kayaks for quite awhile but for the most part, they have been rarely seen outside of their home market. That is until now, at least in the US, where a number of models made by Fujita are being imported by FoldingCraft (Folding Kayaker, March/April 2002). Fujita is the leading manufacturer of folding kayaks in Japan and offers both aluminum models and ones that combine wooden crossribs with fiberglass rods............" Read more

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